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Prayer for people new to prayer

I don’t know you well,
but I need your help and I don’t know where else to turn
you see………..(explain what it is you need help with)
Speak to me so I know what to do
Send someone who can help me
Help me to get to know and trust you

Clare Margaret

A Prayer in the Morning

Creator God, As dawn light touches our lives this day,
We pray that this light may reach those living in darkness.
May those who feel isolated, unloved and unworthy
Know that they are image-bearers and children of the Light.
Through Jesus, the light of the whole world, we pray. Amen.

Tom Clayton

Prayer for drivers

Travelling the roads both night and day,
keep our truckers safe, I pray,
moving goods that will supply,
goods we need – so we can buy.

Store deliveries to our door,
food donations for the poor,
all need people who will drive;
bless them, and all that they provide.

All who drive so we’re protected,
to keep us fed, clothed and connected.
On the roads both night and day 
keep them safe, dear God, I pray.

Clare Margaret

Prayer for businesses

Dear God, 
I bring before you the businesses open 
to provide us with the essentials.
Bless the people working in them.
Keep them safe.
Shield and protect them from Covid.
Give them patience with their customers.
I bring before you the businesses closed 
or struggling because of lockdown, restrictions
or Brexit regulations.
Be very close to the owners and workers 
in furlough, uncertainty, anxiety and loss.
Provide a way forward.

Clare Margaret

Prayer for all who are struggling

I pray for all who find these challenging 
and changing times difficult.
Be with them through loss, confusion, loneliness, fear, 
anger, boredom, stress, overwork, poverty.
Give me patience and kindness towards others.
Bring hope.

Clare Margaret

A prayer for people in powerful positions

Dear God,
Touch the hearts of politicians and leaders
to make just and compassionate decisions and laws
for the good of all people.
Make their hearts like yours,
concerned for people 
who are least able to influence,
who are sinking into poverty and debt,
who are in need of shelter and nourishment.

Touch the hearts of business owners profiting in this pandemic.
Give them strength to avoid greed and corruption.
Make them considerate of their workers, 
enabling them to feel safe and valued, and pay them a fair wage
Melt their hearts to other businesses that have been less fortunate,
brought to the brink of collapse through no fault of their own
due to lockdown, restrictions and Brexit regulations.
Dear God, cause righteous businesses to prosper.

Clare Margaret

A prayer for people who make a difference

Dear Jesus,
I thank you for the people who
follow your example,
highlight injustice,
speak for those who are not listened to,
strive to change lives for the better.
Bless them in their mission

I thank you for the people
who have responded in love and generosity;
to deliver food to the housebound,
feed children of struggling families,
donate to food banks,
go the extra mile.

Open eyes to injustice and need around us
Open ears to your voice
Open hearts to compassion
Replace selfishness with generosity,
fear with love,
poverty of spirit with abundance.
Dear Jesus, begin with me.

Clare Margaret

Jesus, dear friend prayers

Jesus, dear friend,
I feel lonely.
I miss the presence of my family and friends
I ask You to be close to me
And help me remember
That You are both family and friend.

Clare Margaret

Jesus, dear friend,
I feel frightened.
I don’t understand what is happening
or when it will end.
Help me to remember
That whatever I face You are there beside me.

Clare Margaret

Jesus, dear friend
I’m worried about (name of person/s)______
(tell Jesus why you are worried)________________
Guide him/ her/ them through this difficult time.
Give him/ her/ them hope.
Help me to entrust them to Your care

Clare Margaret

A detangling prayer

Dear God,
There are so many thoughts in my head,
I can’t think straight.
I’m going round and round in circles
getting more and more entangled and knotted up.
For my hair I use a detangling shampoo or conditioner.
For my thoughts I have You.
Dear God I surrender my thoughts to you.
Untangle them, straighten them out
Show me which ones to disregard,
and the thoughts that I should put into action
to move me forwards on the right path.
I pray this in the name of Jesus.

Clare Margaret

A prayer for decisions

Jesus, my friend,
You know I have a decision to make.
You know I am finding it difficult.
I need your help in making the right decision
Please guide me
Calm me and give me peace about whatever I decide
Reassure me that whatever direction I choose
I will find you walking beside me.

Clare Margaret

The Welcome

Lord, you have welcomed every tribe and tongue to your table.
You have welcomed the walkers, the talkers, the listeners, the prayers.
You have welcomed the immobile, the shy, the performer and the doer.
You have welcomed prophet, priest and king.
You have welcomed cleaner, feeder and leader.
You have welcomed the helpless, the homeless and lost,
You have welcomed the helper, the builder and the teacher.
Yet still at your table is a place that is set just for me.
Thank you Lord. Amen.

Tom Clayton

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